We have several postdoc positions for excellent graduates in the general area of economics and computation (EC) / algorithmic game theory (AGT) in several universities in Israel: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv University, and the Technion (in Haifa).  These positions are supported by a variety of funding sources, provide a comfortable living, and allow reasonable travel to conferences.  The participating hosts include:

Hebrew University

(Center for Rationality)


Liad Blumrosen (Business)

Sergiu Hart (Math/Econ)

Katrina Ligett (CS)

Noam Nisan (CS)

Aviv Zohar (CS)

Tel-Aviv University (CS)




Yossi Azar

Michal Feldman

Amos Fiat

Yishay Mansour

Technion (IEM)


Yakov Babichenko

Yuval Emek

Ron Lavi

Reshef Meir

Rann Smorodinsky

Moshe Tennenholtz

Beyond working with the formal post-doctoral host, these positions enable and encourage collaboration with other faculty members in the group, and with their postdocs and graduate students.  We also encourage joint postdoctoral positions (hosted by two hosts), possibly from different departments or universities.

Candidates must have a Ph.D. in Computer Science, Economics, Operations Research, or a related field, a publication record in an area related to economics and computation, and strong recommendations.

The “default” dates for the position are according to the usual academic year, 10/2018-9/2019, with a possibility of an extension for another year. However, we are very flexible in terms of starting dates and durations (e.g., beginning of 2018 might also work).

To apply, please send an email to your preferred post-doctoral host(s), including your CV, a research statement, and names of three references
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[This announcement is posted on behalf of the SIGecom Doctoral Dissertation Award Committee.]

The SIGecom Doctoral Dissertation Award recognizes an outstanding dissertation in the field of economics and computer science. The award is conferred annually at the ACM Conference on Economics and Computation and includes a plaque, complimentary conference registration, and an honorarium of $1,500. A plaque may further be given to up to two runners-up. No award may be conferred if the nominations are judged not to meet the standards for the award.

To be eligible, a dissertation must be on a topic related to the field of economics and computer science and must have been defended successfully during the calendar year preceding the year of the award presentation.

The next SIGecom Doctoral Dissertation Award will be given for dissertations defended in 2017. Nominations are due by the March 31, 2018, and must be submitted by email with the subject “SIGecom Doctoral Dissertation Award” to the awards committee at sigecom-awards-diss@acm.org. A dissertation may be nominated simultaneously for both the SIGecom Doctoral Dissertation Award and the ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award.
Nominations may be made by any member of SIGecom, and will typically come from the dissertation supervisor. Self-nomination is not allowed. Nominations for the award must include the following, preferably in a single PDF file:
  1. A two-page summary of the dissertation, written by the nominee, including bibliographic data and links to publicly accessible versions of published papers based primarily on the dissertation.
  2. An English-language version of the dissertation.
  3. An endorsement letter of no more than two pages by the nominator, arguing the merit of the dissertation, potential impact, and justification of the nomination. This document should also certify the dissertation defense date.
  4. The names, email addresses, and affiliations of at least two additional endorsers.
The additional endorsement letters themselves should be emailed directly to sigecom-awards-diss@acm.org, by the same deadline. These endorsements should be no longer than 500 words, and should specify the relationship of the endorser to the nominee, contributions of the dissertation, and its potential impact on the field.

It is expected that a nominated candidate, if selected for the award, will attend the next ACM Conference on Economics and Computation to accept the award and give a presentation on the dissertation work. The cost of attending the conference is not covered by the award, but complimentary registration is provided.
Award Committee
  • Nicole Immorlica, Microsoft Research New England
  • Ariel Procaccia, Carnegie Mellow University
  • Aaron Roth, University of Pennsylvania

[The following announcement is posted on behalf of Alex Slivkins and the rest of the Algorithmic Economics group at Microsoft Research NYC.]

Microsoft Research NYC is looking for a postdoc in Algorithmic Economics, with a start date in July 2018. Please encourage strong graduating students to apply by December 1, and please feel free to forward and distribute the announcement as you see fit.

Research in the Algorithmic Economics group at Microsoft Research NYC spans a wide variety of topics at the intersection of economics and computation. Application areas include auctions and mechanism design, crowdsourcing and human computation, information aggregation and elicitation, machine learning in economics, polling and prediction markets, and online advertising.

More information on the position and how to apply: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/opportunity/call-postdocs-algorithmic-economics/ .

Our algorithmic economics group: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/group/algorithmic-economics/

Microsoft Research NYC: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/lab/microsoft-research-new-york/.

Wine 2017 Update

WINE 2017 Update by Nikhil Devanur.

Accepted papers are now listed here: http://lcm.csa.iisc.ernet.in/wine2017/accepted.html
We are now soliciting poster submissions. Each accepted poster will also get to give a lightening talk of 2-3 minutes.
In addition to regular posters, there is also a provision for “graduating bits”, which is a great opportunity for candidates who are going to be on the job market next year to showcase their work. For details see here:
The deadline for submissions for posters and graduating bits is this Friday, October 6th.

Nikhil Devanur, one of the PC Chairs for WINE 2017, presents the following announcement. Please consider sending a paper to WINE this year!

Reminder: The WINE 2017 deadline is in roughly 2 weeks, on August 2. The conference will be held during December 17-20, 2017, at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.


The CFP is here. http://lcm.csa.iisc.ernet.in/wine2017/papers.html

Submission server is here: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=wine2017


Some points to raise awareness.

  1. A selection of papers accepted to the conference is invited to GEB/TEAC.
  2. WINE has had the best paper award for a couple of years now. In some years the committee has chosen not to give the award to any paper, but the option has been there.
  3. WINE is seen as being narrower than EC, and some subset of the EC community doesn’t typically submit to WINE. We would like to broaden the scope of WINE to include all those topics covered in EC. In particular, we welcome and encourage papers from the AI, OR, and Econ communities.
  4. We also welcome experimental papers, and in particular papers that have both a theoretical and an experimental part are strongly encouraged.

We are trying different things to make WINE be a top tier conference, but it all starts with you submitting good papers.


Anna Karlin, Program Chair for ITCS 2018, asked for the following announcement to be posted on this and other theory blogs. Please consider sending a paper to ITCS this year!

The ITCS 2018 Call For Papers is now available!  

ITCS is a conference that stands apart from all others. For a decade now, it has been celebrating the vibrancy and unity of our field of Theoretical Computer Science. See these blog posts (#1 and #2) for more.

ITCS seeks to promote research that carries a strong conceptual message  (e.g., introducing a new concept, model or understanding, opening a new line of inquiry within traditional or interdisciplinary areas, introducing new mathematical techniques and methodologies, or new applications of known techniques). ITCS welcomes both conceptual and technical contributions whose contents will advance and inspire the greater theory community.

This year, ITCS will be held at MIT in Cambridge, MA from January 11-14, 2018.

The submission deadline is September 8, 2017, with notification of decisions by October 30, 2017.

Authors should strive to make their papers accessible not only to experts in their subarea, but also to the theory community at large. The committee will place a premium on writing that conveys clearly and in the simplest possible way what the paper is accomplishing.

Ten-page versions of accepted papers will be published in an electronic proceedings of the conference. However, the alternative of publishing a one page abstract with a link to a full PDF will also be available (to accommodate subsequent publication in journals that would not consider results that have been published in preliminary form in a conference proceedings).

You can find all the details in the official Call For Papers.

On last year’s ITCS (by the PC Chair Christos Papadimitriou)

This past ITCS (2017) was by all accounts the most successful ever.  We had 170+ submissions and 61 papers, including 5 “invited papers”, and 90+ registrants, all new records.  There was a voluntary poster session for authors to get a chance to go through more detail, and the famous Graduating Bits event, where the younger ones get their 5 minutes to show off their accomplishment and personality.

The spirit of the conference was invigorating, heartwarming, and great fun.  I believe none of the twelve sessions had fewer than 70 attendees — no parallelism, of course — while the now famous last session was among the best attended and went one hour overtime due to the excitement of discussion (compare with the last large conference that you attended).

Continuing the tradition from last year, and the year before, there will be an article in the summer edition of the SIGecom Exchanges profiling 2018 junior job market candidates from the SIGecom community. These profiles will include the thesis title, research summary, brief biography, and citations to three representative papers. At least one of these papers should have appeared in the ACM Conference on Economics and Computation (EC) or a comparable venue. To be considered, submissions must be initiated no later than July 1 and finalized by July 4, 2017. Further instructions for submissions can be found on the submission form. The article will be coedited by Vasilis Gkatzelis and myself. Please apply or encourage your students to submit.