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I’m pleased to announce that my new textbook “Twenty Lectures on Algorithmic Game Theory” is now available from Cambridge University Press.  Here is the Amazon page.

From the back cover:

Computer science and economics have engaged in a lively interaction over the past fifteen years, resulting in the new field of algorithmic game theory. Many problems that are central to modern computer science, ranging from resource allocation in large networks to online advertising, involve interactions between multiple self-interested parties. Economics and game theory offer a host of useful models and definitions to reason about such problems. The flow of ideas also travels in the other direction, and concepts from computer science are increasingly important in economics. This book grew out of the author’s Stanford University course on algorithmic game theory, and aims to give students and other newcomers a quick and accessible introduction to many of the most important concepts in the field. The book also includes case studies on online advertising, wireless spectrum auctions, kidney exchange, and network management.


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Congrats to Noam!

I’m sure that Noam is too modest to mention the great news on his own blog, so I’ll have to do it: Noam was just awarded the Knuth Prize for his many fundamental contributions to computational complexity, pseudorandomness, and algorithmic game theory.  The Knuth Prize is awarded for “outstanding contributions to the foundations of computer science by individuals for their overall impact in the field over an extended period.”

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