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We have several postdoc positions for excellent graduates in the general area of economics and computation (EC) / algorithmic game theory (AGT) in several universities in Israel: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv University, and the Technion (in Haifa).  These positions are supported by a variety of funding sources, provide a comfortable living, and allow reasonable travel to conferences.  The participating hosts include:

Hebrew University

(Center for Rationality)


Liad Blumrosen (Business)

Sergiu Hart (Math/Econ)

Katrina Ligett (CS)

Noam Nisan (CS)

Aviv Zohar (CS)

Tel-Aviv University (CS)




Yossi Azar

Michal Feldman

Amos Fiat

Yishay Mansour

Technion (IEM)


Yakov Babichenko

Yuval Emek

Ron Lavi

Reshef Meir

Rann Smorodinsky

Moshe Tennenholtz

Beyond working with the formal post-doctoral host, these positions enable and encourage collaboration with other faculty members in the group, and with their postdocs and graduate students.  We also encourage joint postdoctoral positions (hosted by two hosts), possibly from different departments or universities.

Candidates must have a Ph.D. in Computer Science, Economics, Operations Research, or a related field, a publication record in an area related to economics and computation, and strong recommendations.

The “default” dates for the position are according to the usual academic year, 10/2018-9/2019, with a possibility of an extension for another year. However, we are very flexible in terms of starting dates and durations (e.g., beginning of 2018 might also work).

To apply, please send an email to your preferred post-doctoral host(s), including your CV, a research statement, and names of three references


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