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You’ve read about the CMU summer school on algorithmic economics (here, here, here, here, and here), now you can watch the lectures; the videos are finally available on the summer school website.

By the way, I’ve learned the hard way that there are two approaches to making some 27 hours of video available online:

  1. Ask your university’s media tech people — the same people who recorded the lectures — to make them available online. Wait. Wait more. Marvel at the price of a one year subscription. Ask for a ten year subscription. Wait. Wait more. Find out that it’s someone else’s responsibility. Contact someone else. Attempt to coordinate a meeting with numerous administrators. Give up. Quietly weep.
  2. Ask your wonderful assistant to upload the videos to YouTube for free. Wait one day. Do a victory dance.

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This winter, the Institute for Mathematical Sciences (Singapore) will host a 2-month long program on algorithmic game theory and computational social choice, organized by Ning Chen and Edith Elkind. The program includes workshops on mechanism design (Jan 10-11), algorithmic game theory (Jan 14-18), and computational social choice (Jan 20-25). A graduate winter school will be run in parallel with the workshops. Confirmed speakers include Rakesh Vohra, Tim Roughgarden, Jason Hartline, Kevin Leyton-Brown, Ulle Endriss, Jerome Lang and Jean-Francois Laslier; see here for the complete list.

The workshops are open to participation. There is no registration fee, but the prospective visitors are asked to fill out the registration form here and drop an e-mail to Edith and Ning (eelkind, ningc at ntu.edu.sg). Applications for financial support can be filled out here.

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