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SAGT 2011 and WINE 2011

The  Symposium on Algorithmic Game Theory, SAGT 2011, will take place in Salerno, Italy on October 17-19, 2011.  The submission deadline is close: May 9th.

The Workshop on Internet & Network Economics, WINE 2011, will take place in Singapore on December 11-14, 2011.  The submission deadline is July 31st.


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On June 19th, there will be an Ad-auctions Workshop in Tel-Aviv, co-located with the Game-Theory Workshop that will be held on June 20-23.  The ad-auction workshop is supported by the Google Grant for Electronic Markets and Auctions.

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The slides of a tutorial on crowd sourcing by Praveen Paritosh and Panos Ipeirotis that was given in WWW 2011 are now online.  A closely related tutorial on Human Computation by Luis von Ahn and Edith Law will be given in AAAI 2011.

I’m not sure why I feel that this area is related to AGT/E, but I do.

ht: Panos Ipeirotis.

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The Second Conference on Auctions, Market Mechanisms and Their Applications will take place on August 22-23, 2011 in NYC.  Submission deadline is April 15th.

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On May 7-8, UC Berkeley is holding a workshop on Theory of Computation as a Lens on the Sciences:

The conference will explore the theme that many processes in the physical, biological, engineering and social sciences involve information processing at a fundamental level and can be studied through computational models. A conference held in Berkeley in May, 2002 helped crystallize this theme as a promising direction of research, and this second conference will highlight the impact of the computational lens on areas such as quantum information science, statistical physics, social networks, economics and game theory, genetics, molecular biology, evolutionary biology, cognitive science, mathematics, statistics and machine learning.

ht: Lipton, Muthu.

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