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Larry Blume, David Easley, Jon Kleinberg, Eva Tardos, and Ehud Kalai, who organized last year an NSF-supported conference on “Research Issues at the Interface of Computer Science and Economics“, just put out a report to NSF about it:

This report follows up on the workshop by surveying some of the key issues that were identi ed at the interface of computer science and economics research, both in the planning and organization of the workshop, and particularly in the talks and discussion that took place during and after the workshop. We organize these into a set of underlying principles that can help guide interdisciplinary research in this area (developed in Section 2), followed by a set of key applications (developed in Section 3) that can benefit from the exploration of these principles.
It is often that writing to funding agencies forces us to elucidate our basic scientific motivations in a way that we do not normally bother doing.  Not everyone will agree with these, of course, and definitely the strategic aspects of writing the report should be acknowledged, but, when done well, some essence of the field is captured, as is the case here, I think.

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This list of FOCS 2010 accepted papers (82/270) has been published: pure list, with abstracts, with many links to papers.  AGT/E related ones:

  • The Geometry of Manipulation – a Quantitative Proof of the Gibbard Satterthwaite Theorem [arXiv]
    Authors: Marcus Isaksson, Guy Kindler and Elchanan Mossel
  • Frugal Mechanism Design via Spectral Techniques [arXiv]
    Authors: Ning Chen, Edith Elkind, Nick Gravin and Fedor Petrov
  • Sequential Rationality in Cryptographic Protocols
    Authors: Ronen Gradwohl, Noam Livne and Alon Rosen
  • Frugal and Truthful Auctions for Vertex Covers, Flows, and Cuts [arXiv]
    Authors: David Kempe, Mahyar Salek and Cristopher Moore
  • Black-Box Randomized Reductions in Algorithmic Mechanism Design
    Authors: Shaddin Dughmi and Tim Roughgarden
  • Pure and Bayes-Nash Price of Anarchy for Generalized Second Price Auction [pdf]
    Authors: Renato Paes Leme and Eva Tardos
  • Budget Feasible Mechanisms [arXiv]
    Author: Yaron Singer

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